Monday, April 9, 2007

Off The Hook-Tranquility

Tranquility: Not everyone can handle it।


Subject For Next Week "Hide"
Due Monday April 16, 2007..Enjoy!

Tranquility Clouds

Clouds are so nice and calming I heart them!
Acrylic on Canvas


admittedly, this is actually another very random piece i did recently last week that just happens to work for the theme word "tranquility". well, sort of. one could argue the octopus creature looks 'exceedingly happy' rather than 'tranquil', but there's many ways to interpret his joyous expression. and i think it's common to associate life under the sea with words like 'tranquil'. ( although when you take a look at life that resides closer to the bottom of the sea, words like 'horrifying' or 'sublime' may come to mind )

drawn completely in photoshop, and yes, the octopus is indeed wearing a bowtie.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


jake 11x14 color photography
"finding one's inner self"