Monday, March 12, 2007

Nourishment or something like that??

so yeah.......this is my verison of nourishment......kinda out there........same thing as last week.....something is the same can u find it?
pen&ink 19x6.25

New Subject!!

Subject For Next Week "ESCAPE"
Due Monday March 19, 2007..Enjoy!

Nourishment (The Pain, The love, Life and Death) unfinished

Sorry guys, couldn't meet the deadline. It will be finished by tomorrow.
Love the motivation.

The Pain, The love, Life and Death
Acrylic on board 11 x 14


"Nourishment"! starring: Man Who Can Magically Transform into Dinosaur, and Random Guy. Contains mild insanity and the biting off of a random guy's head.

overnourished red states


bruce p. squirrel

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nature Nourishment

what a lil nourishment can do :)

Holy Frijoles

click on image to see full size

This weeks strip was inspired by an
old nursery rhyme and by fast food.

Wendy - Nourishment

Pen/ink on paper colored in photoshop.