Tuesday, March 6, 2007


finally......well it's up.......this is BOB.......and his short life through the kitchen.......see how many little things that you can pick up that will be continued in all my other pieces in the future

19x6.25 pen&ink/digital


Monday, March 5, 2007


Subject For Next Week "NOURISHMENT"
Due Monday March 12, 2007..Have FUN!

Potential Crash

Ok I finally got it up here.. Kids + Glass = Crash hope you like it see you next week!


Here's what I thought of for the word crash. I think this is a great project,
It's a good way to stay creative. Thanks guys

hi all yes it is me the one and only procrastinator... victah

CRASH!!!! Damn its another one...

Here is your Monday madness blog. Lets keep the momentum flowing. Till next week.

Crash... 11x14 acrylic on canvass.


stock market crash. ( btw, market ended -419 last week or something) layout's weird, but at least it's done. it's fun to draw traders committing desperate, spontaneous suicide. anyway, this project is an awesome idea and my only regret is that 'serial killer' or 'murder' isn't on the list of themes.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Hey guys, this is Wendy. Looks like I've crossed the finish line first! Yippee!! Anyway, I decided to go old school and paint with actual acrylic paint and brushes...you remember those, right? The background is done with crayon pencils and the shadows with markers and pencil crayons. Anyway, here's my "crash" piece. Can't wait to see what the other's have come up with...